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LifeMaster SolutionsTM (LifeMaster.com) offers innovative products, services, and information for people, families, and businesses to be the masters of their success and destiny.  Some solutions we invent and develop while others come from other companies.  All are best of best-of-breed, innovative, or unique.

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LifeMaster Systems is:

  •    NOT  the medical telemetry company LifeMasters Supported SelfCare Inc., which remotely monitors and manages chronic medical conditions.  If you're looking for them or anything MEDICAL, you can find them at: http://www.lifemasterS.com/ or call them at: (800) 760-9261.


LifeMaster Systems Limited (Ltd)

However, if you looking for LifEMaster Systems, the software development, information technology consulting, project management, personal/business success and invention company, then our contact information follows:

Corporate Offices
3560 W. Dawson Road
Sedalia C0 80135
Branch Office
4067 Hardwick Street 359
Lakewood CA 90712


Electronic mail
Because of increasing spam, our E-mail addresses and phone number are displayed as a graphic to prevent them from beingharvested by spambots.  To contact us, please type our e-mail address into your message.  Thank you, and we're sorry for this inconvenience caused by spammers.

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Phone:  eight eight eight - seven eight nine - seven seven eight eight


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