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This section provides information, considerations, and recommendations that may not be apparent or considered adequately in product comparison sites such as consumer reports.  Either scroll down the page to find information you're looking for, or click on one of the topic headings below.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

There are many factors besides price and toll free support that we recommend you consider before deciding where to register your domain and host your website, including: 

- Tech Support: Too many companies use contract "tech support" at overseas call centers and/or have staff that are little more than unskilled script-readers.  If they don't understand your question and pick the wrong script to read you, you've just wasted time.  Even if they understand your question, the script they read may not answer your question, and all they can do is reread you the same script.  That's why we recommend chosing a hosting company that provides skilled technical support based in the United States.  Besides having native English speaking support representatives, they're probably better educated, trained, and more likely to understand your questions.  Even better, you want a company that has very knowledgeable and experience people trained in the intricacies of each area of web services: domain names, hosting, website tools, shopping carts, etc.  Naturally, our Internet techicians provide that level of expert support. 

- Account Security: In today's world of widespread hacking, simple passwords are no longer sufficient.  Your hosting company should allow -- and you should use -- two-factor authentication to access you hosting account.  What this means is once you type in your username and password, you're presented with a second authentication screen.  Here you have to type in an additional, temporary authentication code which is sent you you via a text on your cell or smartphone; typically, the code becomes invalid in 10 to 20 minutes.  This extra step takes less than a minute.  Since your account is tied to your specific smartphone, a hacker would not only have to learn your password, but also steal or clone your cell phone to receive this additional authenication code.  This extra step makes your account much more secure.  Again, when you create an account with our Internet division, ProfitableTechSolutions, you can specify two-factor authentication.

- Web Host and Application Security: There are many ways someone can hack into your website, which can really ruin your day.  Various applications you enable on your website can have security holes that hackers can exploit.  Even just plain FTP can be hacked.  We recommend using a hosting service that requires secure FTP to upload files to your website.  While this won't prevent someone from hacking your website, it does make it much more difficult.  A further level of protection is to add-on a website security program that continuously scans your website for malware.  Naturally, you can use one or both forms of additional website security with our hosting services.   

For the reasons above, plus our very competitive prices, we hope you'll consider our Internet division, ProfitableTechSolutions.com, for your domain name registration, web hosting, and other services.  Profitable Tech Solutions also offers technical consulting, engineering, and custom programming of internet, web, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (iPad/iPhone) apps.

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