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LifeMaster SolutionsTM (LifeMaster.com) offers innovative products, services, and information for people, families, and businesses to be the masters of their success and destiny.  Some solutions we invent and develop while others come from other companies.  All are best of best-of-breed, innovative, or unique.

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Below you'll find links to other companies we think you might find useful, informative or interesting. 

Pelouze Technologies

PelouzeTechnologies is our first choice for all telephone systems, networking, data/voice/video/alarm wiring, infrastructure equipment installation, maintenance, and repairs. They provide excellent value and customize their services to our needs or the contract requirements. They always produce outstanding, professional results. We've used them to specify a telephone system (PBX) for a future project, troubleshoot alarm and phone wiring problems, and expand structured wiring to new offices. Because these new offices are in a separate, mid 20th century building with no as-built drawings and nonstandard construction, they had to get very creative in routing the cable. Pelouze Technologies handled these challenges cheerfully, easily, and with very professional results. We have always found Pelouze Technologies to be very easy to work with, very customer focused and results oriented. They will be our first choice for future in-house projects and our preferred strategic partner on future contracts.


Gibson Research Corporation

Steve Gibson writes and offers excellent software and services for protecting your data and your privacy.  This is an excellent Internet security site that any web user will find easy to understand and useful.  We've summarized two of our favorites from Steve below; they can be found on Gibson Research's home page. 

Steve's OptOut program searches your harddisk for spyware programs, (i.e. programs installed unbeknownst to you by unscrupulous companies when you download or installed "free" software.)  These programs send personal information found on your harddisk or gathered while you surf back to their host; completely behind your back, without your knowledge or approval.

His ShieldsUp service will evaluate your Internet computer and report to you on its vulnerability to attack from hackers on the Internet.  Asking ShieldsUp to evaluate your Internet connection is a very sobering and enlightening experience



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