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LifeMaster SolutionsTM (LifeMaster.com) offers innovative products, services, and information for people, families, and businesses to be the masters of their success and destiny.  Some solutions we invent and develop while others come from other companies.  All are best of best-of-breed, innovative, or unique.

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Investor Relations

Please follow one of the links below to the specific area you're interest in:

    General Partners            Accredited Investors            Current Investors            Current Investors

Downloadable information about specific products and projects can be found along the left margin.

General Partners

We have outstanding opportunities for proven, self-motivated overachievers who want to get in on the ground floor of an exciting product.  As we ready it for market, we're seeking general partners with demonstrated skills and proven success in the following areas to join our team.

  • Startup management, including corporate leadership, business development, and operations (especially contract production, fulfillment and support) resulting in the successful launch and subsequent growth of a new business, product or service.

  • Legal, including: patents, copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property, stock options, software licensing, consumer contracts, and term sheets

  • Marketing, especially domain expertise in the following areas and industries: consumer technology marketing via the internet and established retail channel development, marketing and sales; vertical market development; grocery and/or office supply domain experience.

  • Venture financing, particularly someone who was a vital part a team member that successfully raised private or venture capital and successfully launched and grew a new product or service to profitability or liquidity event.

  • Project Management.  The more diverse your project management experience -- whether formal or informal -- and the more complex the projects, the better.

  • Entrepreneurs.  Successful, serial entrepreneurs looking for their next big challenge and win.

  • Delphi Developers, especially programmers with n-tier development and web programming, custom component development , and SQL expertise.

  • Web Experts, including: web designers, programmers, and e-commerce developers, and internet marketers.

Potential general partners should be aware that:

  • Such partnership shall require a significant investment of time and money, not only to demonstrate your commitment to the team, but also to ensure your contributions are of such quantity and timing as to help us achieve success.

  • Potential partners must be prepared to contribute their time and expertise on an ongoing basis -- as needed -- for as much as one (1) or more years without any compensation

  • Return on investment of time and money or other compensation shall be entirely dependent upon:

    • Success of the project,

    • Your level of commitment,

    • The value of your contribution, and

    • Future profits, sale, or other liquidity event

  • Such partnership entails significant risk, that could result in the total loss of all money invested and no compensation for time expended

Entrepreneurs still interested should e-mail a 1 page (max) letter in MS Word format to:

This letter should: 1) highlight your accomplishments, 2) the amount of money you are willing to invest, 3) the amount of time per week you're willing to devote to our project, and 4) how long (in years) you are willing to commit to making this product succeed.


Accredited Investors

Accredited affinity investors, angels and venture capital companies interested in exciting new, innovative, disruptive, but prerevenue products or services should contact:
            Bruce Balent


Current Investors

Current investors should call or e-mail your personal corporate point of contact for the last news, requests, help, or if you have questions.


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